Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I did today Nov 30th

This is a regular good day for me. 
Fibre One cereal Honey oat 1 1/2 cup
Milk 1% 1 cup
Bite of my moms pumpkin pie
5 turkey slices
100 calorie healthy cranberry and dark chocolate bar 
1 egg
Flat wrap
tbs of avacado
1 caramelized onion 
Coffee with cream and sugar
1/2 cup of smoothie
Big salad with 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and tsp of oil
1/2 of Mexican lasagna 

5 min walk with dog
10 min bike 
10 min strength with ten pnd kettle ball

Inspiration for you all!

Be your own fit and healthy!! 

Goals for this week!

Thursday 1st to Thursday 7th:
. Workout Everyday for 45-60 mins
. Eat 1500 calories
. Eat very little carbs and sugar
. Drink Lemon water/ Green Juice/ smoothies

Lose: 5 pounds

Start up stats

Hmm so start off stats!
I dont like to weigh myself..but I know I am overweight. 
I mean I workout, so at least not all of that is pure fat but still. Still, you cant see much muscle tone. 

I am a size 12. Measurements are 49 32 41. My smallest measurements were 46 27 39. I am aiming to lose around 30 pounds. 
Really what I want to do is lose 15 pounds this month..and then 5 in Mexico..which I am going to in a month..and the rest when I get back home. By May I want to be super fit, toned and healthy. 

Right now...I say I eat healthy. honestly, not just saying that. But I do over eat a bit and that seems to have caught up with me.