Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Start up stats

Hmm so start off stats!
I dont like to weigh myself..but I know I am overweight. 
I mean I workout, so at least not all of that is pure fat but still. Still, you cant see much muscle tone. 

I am a size 12. Measurements are 49 32 41. My smallest measurements were 46 27 39. I am aiming to lose around 30 pounds. 
Really what I want to do is lose 15 pounds this month..and then 5 in Mexico..which I am going to in a month..and the rest when I get back home. By May I want to be super fit, toned and healthy. 

Right now...I say I eat healthy. honestly, not just saying that. But I do over eat a bit and that seems to have caught up with me.