Monday, July 9, 2012

One picture of myself :)

Hey! It is my hand hahahaha. 

1)Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
2) Chiddy Bank feat. MGMT - Kids

1) Tristan and Isolde

2) Pearl Harbor 

3) Pride and Prejudice 

1) Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Such a great book! Its about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in a post-apocalyptic world of Panem. It has awesome character, a love triangle and suspense.

2) Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austin
Full of pride, prejudice and romance. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are characters you fall in love with. If you have only seen the movie, you must go read the book! 

3) Matched - Ally Condie
A book similar to the hunger games, but very good in its own right. It is about Cassia a 17 year old girl who lives in a world where the society chooses who you love, where you work and where you die. However she finds herself it a love triangle and a war against a society she believed to be good. 

4) Nefertiti - Michelle Moran 
This book is filled with Egyptian history. It is fascinating and told in a way that makes you cant stop reading it until your finished. It is about Mutney, Nefertitis sister and about the ways of the royals, Nefertitis beauty and pride and it is ultimately a love story as well. 
All my favorite foods in order! 

1) Frozen Grapes
2) Cottage Cheese
3) Greek Yogurt 
4) Blueberry muffin
5) Cookies 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Six Places

1) Vancouver - Home 
2) Toronto - Where Home used to be 
3) Mazatlan, Mexico- Where I will be in a month
4) Calgary - Where I will be this summer. Road trip! 
5) Ireland - Somewhere beautiful
6) Africa - Somewhere adventurous

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nine Loves:
1) My family!
2) My friends! Esp my best friend who is like a sister to me.
3) Not knowing what is just around the "river bend"
4) Traveling
5) Meeting new people and doing new things
6) Concerts
7) My room
8) Baking
9) Getting healthy! I honestly do love it. 

This is when I traveled to 
San Fran to visit friends! 
                                                                                                                            A Travie McCoy concert I went to. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

What I did today - Dec 2nd

What I ate:
Fage 0% fat greek yogurt
1/2 cup frozen grapes
Coffee with milk and agave
2 turkey slices
2 pieces of whole grain bread
2 tbs avocado
4 turkey slices
some cucumber
Ugh four cookies :(
Some salad with tofu and cottage cheese
1/2 of the yogurt

15 mins of midnight strength training
20 mins of abb workouts

Inspiration for you all!

A post dedicated to Jennifer Lawrence. I love her hair, body and that she is in the new hunger games movie. I also think her body/look is a reasonable goal for me since we have the same body shape and coloring. Shes fit, curvy and gorgeous!

10 Day you Challenge - Day 1

10 secrets:
1) I sometimes goof off when I say I'm doing something proactive! 
2) I have a "beauty mark" on my butt and I love it! Wow TMI
3) I have super cute underwear but sometimes if I haven't done laundry for a while... I have to go for my ugly underwear and it honestly makes me bummed (hehe) the whole day. 
4) I get hair on the tops of my toes (ew) and I shave it off ever so often.
5) I seem like a good girl but really there is a bad side in me that I don't often show. I can be crass and dirty when I want too... I just know how to hide it. For example I never ever swear out loud, but I say a whole bunch of bad words in my head instead. 
6) Sometimes when I say I walked the dog "far" I really mean around the block. (Though not anymore!)
7) I'm addicted to the computer! 
8)I don't usually take a shower everyday unless I work out hard but every other day. Do people really get that dirty?? I sure don't... Im always good until the next day. 
9) I don't really live in Vancouver but very close. 
10) My name isn't Elsy. But its very close. 

Now you know! 

Get to Know me...ABC!

a. age: 19
b. bed: Huge and comfy! 
c. chore that you hate: cleaning dishes!!
d. dogs: My fluffy puppy Magooy! He is havenese/bichon frise mix and is 11 years old
e. essential start to your day: Google on the computer 
f. favorite color: Turquoise and lavender
g. gold or silver: Silver
h. height: Five feet Eight inches. Im tall!
i. instruments you play: None. Piano briefly...
j. job title: Awesome
k. kids: None yet. Would like to have two or three but for now I'll be 19
l. live: Beautiful Vancouver! 
m. mother’s name: Kathy
n. nicknames: Elsy is my nickname! 
o. overnight hospital stays: never.
p. pet peeves: When people cant drive or park. 
q. quote from a movie: 
r. right or left handed: righty.
s. siblings: Two "little" brothers...though they are much taller! haha
t. time you wake up: I don’t have a set time but around 6:30 - 9:00 depends..
u. underwear: Very cute! ;) 
v. vegetable you hate: Mushrooms ugh
w. what makes you run late: Doing stuff at the last minute thinking I have lots of time to do it. 
x. xrays you’ve had: Arm since I broke it when I was five. 
y. yummy food that you make: Cookies, Cake balls, Cake, ...etc
z. zoo animal: I love lions for their beauty and strength, monkeys because they're funny and koalas because they are adorable!! 

Trying to equal it out.

Hmm... today Im not doing good but Im not doing bad. I need to really get in this! But I feel like I shouldn't push myself because then I won't stick with this.

So..heres the thing I ate really healthy until I had to make cookies for my Mom to bring to an event. I love making cookies. Im known for my cookies. If I could pick any job it would be in the baking field. So I think you can guess what happened. I ate some. I know... Its bad. Second day is a bitch? Thats what they always say at least. Heres the damage: 2 cookie dough balls and 2 small baked four small cookies in total.

To help that will be my snack... and dinner I will eat a touch lighter. I am also planning to workout so hopefully that will help. I just cant make this a habit!

Tomorrow I am suppose to party with my friends but because I have so much to do right now with school, I might not make it. Which I guess will save my diet as well hahahaha.

I just gotta remember: You are BAD! You prevent me from wearing a bikini! You look all sweet and innocent but really you are just sugar and fat trying to cling onto my body!! Would Marisa Miller eat you? HELL NO! She would take one look and you and then look at her abs and say "You think I got this body from you? Google me and cookies...find anything? I didn't think so."  Hahaha had to let that out!

How to Get ABS!!

Abs of steel? Yes please!!
Found some tips to get me some abs!

1. Kick up your cardio
2. Clean up your diet
3. Lift weights and engage your core
4. Keep your metabolism going by eating smaller meals instead of big ones
5. Drink more water
6. Do crunches

I don't expect to get abs overnight and I know it takes hard work and dedication but I think its good to aim at something hard. Even if you never get it... you achieve way more than if you didn't have that goal.

FAGE Greek Yogurt

I don't know if many of you guys know this but in Canada...milk products are a lot of money and we don't have as much selection. So about once and month we head down to the states. So we were stocking up doing our usual thing in Costco...when I found a tub of Greek yogurt. I love Greek yogurt and I don't even care to know how much fat is in it. I know its a lot, but when something is so creamy and delicious you honestly don't care. However I sometimes check...and this yogurt is fat free!! A whole 0%! I was thrilled but also skeptical if it would taste good. But it does! It is super thick but just with no flavor. So this morning I put in cinnamon, a touch of honey and some frozen grapes. YUM!! Plus it has 23 g of PROTEIN!

Inspiration for you all!

Its Midnight and I worked out haha

So I went to bed at 11. Which is fine right, I wasn't feeling well, retired to bed early and just chilled until 11. Then I turned off all the lights preparing to fall asleep in minutes. However I could not turn my brain off. All I thought about was that Mexico is in one month. First I thought about how fun it will be going there with my best friend. But then I remembered bathing suits. Also remembering that my friend looks good in one. I then thought about what I should get. Tankini??... Oh no not a bikini. But its Mexico! Will I look weird with so much skin covered? Will I have to go for the bikini? But which one? And my stomach is not in tip top form. A little flabby. And my arms! A part I have hated since I can remember. However they are much nicer due to weight lifting a lot. But still! All in all!
So.... at midnight I was wide awake and felt like I needed to do something!! So I worked out haha. My arms literally hurt as I write this. I pushed them to the max. Do I count this for yesterdays workout or todays? haha. I guess it is technically todays. So that is 15-20 mins of intense cardio/strength training with  pound weights and 10 pound kettleball. Hurt like a mother.

So...on to bathing suit inspiration:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Green Juice

I have tried green juices before and actually don't mind them. The main idea behind them is to juice anything green and healthy. Usually the bulk of the juice is celery or cucumber and then other vegetables like spinach, green apples, lemons, and anything else green that you can find ;)

  • 2 apples
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 2 cups cucumber
  • 1 head of celery
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Juice and then keep in fridge and drink at mornings and when you want to during the day. 

Health Benefits:
  • It cleanses your body of toxins aka radiant skin! 
  • It  fills your body with living enzymes, vitamins, oxygen, and phytonutrients. Because of this, it feeds your cells the necessary nutrients, , thereby boosting your body's healing power and ability to fight infection and heal chronic diseases.
  • Google it and you will find a whole bunch of information that will convince you to drink this raw super drink...even if you would rather it be something else haha. 

Cute Beach Body

Not sure who this is but I remember her being British. I love her curves! Even though I think her boobs are very fake!
I found this a long time ago and saved it. I saved it as size 8 since she is British that must be a size 6 US. Really my ideal body.

Inspiration for you all!

Thinking I might do this as much as I can? Possibly everyday? We'll see...

Walk My Dog!

I need to take my dog for longer walks! I have to walk him everyday and because he's a smaller dog I tend to get lazy. I only go around the block usually, and while that does the job I think I should do better! I think a longer walk with be good for me and him! I just need to be determined to take him earlier and right away at 3:30ish since it gets so dark so early now. Even in the bad weather I need to be determined to take him!!

My dog Magoo in his little yellow raincoat