Friday, December 2, 2011

Trying to equal it out.

Hmm... today Im not doing good but Im not doing bad. I need to really get in this! But I feel like I shouldn't push myself because then I won't stick with this.

So..heres the thing I ate really healthy until I had to make cookies for my Mom to bring to an event. I love making cookies. Im known for my cookies. If I could pick any job it would be in the baking field. So I think you can guess what happened. I ate some. I know... Its bad. Second day is a bitch? Thats what they always say at least. Heres the damage: 2 cookie dough balls and 2 small baked four small cookies in total.

To help that will be my snack... and dinner I will eat a touch lighter. I am also planning to workout so hopefully that will help. I just cant make this a habit!

Tomorrow I am suppose to party with my friends but because I have so much to do right now with school, I might not make it. Which I guess will save my diet as well hahahaha.

I just gotta remember: You are BAD! You prevent me from wearing a bikini! You look all sweet and innocent but really you are just sugar and fat trying to cling onto my body!! Would Marisa Miller eat you? HELL NO! She would take one look and you and then look at her abs and say "You think I got this body from you? Google me and cookies...find anything? I didn't think so."  Hahaha had to let that out!