Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hahaha Typical

Today on my first day its been funny. I haven't told my family that I am committed to getting healthier or that I've made this blog... but for me to go on health kicks arn't super rare. Even if I don't do what I say, I always talk about healthy foods and have switched some products in my house like whole wheat rice instead of rice..etc. Which Im sure has helped me pretty much maintain my weight...and I think little frequent "splurges" got it to creep up slowly. Just enough for impact in the end..but not enough to get me concerned. Especially since I still fit into the same clothes. Maybe because I have more muscle now then before? Im not sure. topic. What I was going to write about is that today my family has decided to do some winter eating. Which includes a huge costco pumpkin pie, egg nog, chips, and a HUGE bag of smarties. I've been good though despise that all. Usually I would join because it seemed normal when everyone in my family was eating it. But not today! I have a bite of pumpkin pie and about 10 smarties.

HELP ME!!!!!