Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Day you Challenge - Day 1

10 secrets:
1) I sometimes goof off when I say I'm doing something proactive! 
2) I have a "beauty mark" on my butt and I love it! Wow TMI
3) I have super cute underwear but sometimes if I haven't done laundry for a while... I have to go for my ugly underwear and it honestly makes me bummed (hehe) the whole day. 
4) I get hair on the tops of my toes (ew) and I shave it off ever so often.
5) I seem like a good girl but really there is a bad side in me that I don't often show. I can be crass and dirty when I want too... I just know how to hide it. For example I never ever swear out loud, but I say a whole bunch of bad words in my head instead. 
6) Sometimes when I say I walked the dog "far" I really mean around the block. (Though not anymore!)
7) I'm addicted to the computer! 
8)I don't usually take a shower everyday unless I work out hard but every other day. Do people really get that dirty?? I sure don't... Im always good until the next day. 
9) I don't really live in Vancouver but very close. 
10) My name isn't Elsy. But its very close. 

Now you know!