Friday, December 2, 2011

FAGE Greek Yogurt

I don't know if many of you guys know this but in Canada...milk products are a lot of money and we don't have as much selection. So about once and month we head down to the states. So we were stocking up doing our usual thing in Costco...when I found a tub of Greek yogurt. I love Greek yogurt and I don't even care to know how much fat is in it. I know its a lot, but when something is so creamy and delicious you honestly don't care. However I sometimes check...and this yogurt is fat free!! A whole 0%! I was thrilled but also skeptical if it would taste good. But it does! It is super thick but just with no flavor. So this morning I put in cinnamon, a touch of honey and some frozen grapes. YUM!! Plus it has 23 g of PROTEIN!