Friday, December 2, 2011

Get to Know me...ABC!

a. age: 19
b. bed: Huge and comfy! 
c. chore that you hate: cleaning dishes!!
d. dogs: My fluffy puppy Magooy! He is havenese/bichon frise mix and is 11 years old
e. essential start to your day: Google on the computer 
f. favorite color: Turquoise and lavender
g. gold or silver: Silver
h. height: Five feet Eight inches. Im tall!
i. instruments you play: None. Piano briefly...
j. job title: Awesome
k. kids: None yet. Would like to have two or three but for now I'll be 19
l. live: Beautiful Vancouver! 
m. mother’s name: Kathy
n. nicknames: Elsy is my nickname! 
o. overnight hospital stays: never.
p. pet peeves: When people cant drive or park. 
q. quote from a movie: 
r. right or left handed: righty.
s. siblings: Two "little" brothers...though they are much taller! haha
t. time you wake up: I don’t have a set time but around 6:30 - 9:00 depends..
u. underwear: Very cute! ;) 
v. vegetable you hate: Mushrooms ugh
w. what makes you run late: Doing stuff at the last minute thinking I have lots of time to do it. 
x. xrays you’ve had: Arm since I broke it when I was five. 
y. yummy food that you make: Cookies, Cake balls, Cake, ...etc
z. zoo animal: I love lions for their beauty and strength, monkeys because they're funny and koalas because they are adorable!!