Friday, December 2, 2011

Its Midnight and I worked out haha

So I went to bed at 11. Which is fine right, I wasn't feeling well, retired to bed early and just chilled until 11. Then I turned off all the lights preparing to fall asleep in minutes. However I could not turn my brain off. All I thought about was that Mexico is in one month. First I thought about how fun it will be going there with my best friend. But then I remembered bathing suits. Also remembering that my friend looks good in one. I then thought about what I should get. Tankini??... Oh no not a bikini. But its Mexico! Will I look weird with so much skin covered? Will I have to go for the bikini? But which one? And my stomach is not in tip top form. A little flabby. And my arms! A part I have hated since I can remember. However they are much nicer due to weight lifting a lot. But still! All in all!
So.... at midnight I was wide awake and felt like I needed to do something!! So I worked out haha. My arms literally hurt as I write this. I pushed them to the max. Do I count this for yesterdays workout or todays? haha. I guess it is technically todays. So that is 15-20 mins of intense cardio/strength training with  pound weights and 10 pound kettleball. Hurt like a mother.

So...on to bathing suit inspiration: